On the 2 November 2018 New Economic School – Georgia presented Georgian language web-portal http://schooleconomics.org/ for economic education in schools.

The platform combines economic textbook “Economic Lessons”, related questions and answers, games and simulations, video and methodological materials, thoughts of famous Georgian and International thinkers and economists, dictionary, readings and much more.
The portal gives free registration-based access to school teachers’, pupils and others. It can be used by different school courses: “State and Economics“, “Civil Education”, “Basics of Entrepreneurship” as well as different ad-on classes and club works. In addition, the platform could be used in Universities as introduction of economics.
NESG team strongly believes that this unique, informative and user-friendly platform will be very important tool for those toward improvement of economic education in schools, since its contains all basic information about economics, explains human action and public choice, importance of freedom of trade and international division of labor, describes operations on market, role of business and government, destabilizes issues of personal finances and many other topics.
The platform was prepared in cooperation with „Global Philanthropic Trust (USA), Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania), Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, South Caucasus Office (Germany), Civic Education Teachers Forum and The University of Georgia.
Here you can find agenda, pp presentation and photos of the event.