One of the basic project of „New economic school – Georgia“ cooperation with „Global Philanthropic Trust (USA), Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania), Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, South Caucasus Office (Germany), and Civic Education Teachers Forum is „ Schoolteachers training in Economics“ . During 2018 year, we held eight training with teachers. The main purpose of this project is to improve schoolteachers degree in economics and spread common sense of economics among them. Training held in different cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Telavi and Akhaltsikhe. We had communication with almost 100 teachers from different schools. We discussed basic points of economics, like as : Money, Government, Business, Your finances, International trade and etc.
Lectures were read by : Paata sheshelidze – president of NESG, Gia Jandieri- Vice-president of NESG, Senior Fellows – George Chkhikvadze and George Chikovani.

1st training was held in Tbilisi, 28-29 April. More details :                                        

2nd training was held in Akhaltsikhe, 5-6 May : View more details :  

3rd training was held in Tbilisi,  7,8,10 May . More details :  

4th training was held in Tbilisi, 12-13 May. More Details : 

5th training was held in Tbilisi, 2-3 June, More Details : 

6th training was held in Batumi, 15-16 June. More Details:  

7th training  was held in Kutaisi, 17-18 June. More Details:  

8th training was held in Telavi, 23-24 June. More Details :

Agenda and PowerPoint Presentation :


pdfIntroduction to Economics



pdfPersonal finances



pdfInternational Trade