During 16-17 March, 2019, New Economic school – Georgia in cooperation between New Economic School – Georgia and Friedrich Naumann Foundation held  training of Schoolteachers on Methodology by using textbook "Economic Lessons" and web-portal www.schooleconomics.org.

The main purpose of this project was to improve schoolteachers degree in economics and spread common sense of economics among them. During this taining we had communication with almost 23 teachers from different schools. We discussed basic points of economics, like as : Money, Government, Business, Your finances, International trade and etc.

NESG team strongly believes that this unique, informative and user-friendly platform will be very important tool for those toward improvement of economic education in schools, since its contains all basic information about economics, explains human action and public choice, importance of freedom of trade and international division of labor, describes operations on market, role of business and government, destabilizes issues of personal finances and many other topics.


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